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Motivational Monday: January 27, 2014

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Dream big and dare to fail. – Norman Vaughan

Bible Verse

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. -Deuteronomy 31:6

Corny Joke

What did the letter say to the stamp?

“Stick with me and you’ll go places!”

Funny Video

We all smile in the same language! -George Carlin

Motivational Monday: January 20, 2014

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Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny. – C.S. Lewis

Bible Verse

In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. – Isaiah 30:15

Corny Joke

Why did Waldo go to therapy?

To find himself!  

Funny Video

We all smile in the same language! -George Carlin

Motivational Monday: January 13, 2014

Say hello to SMILE blogs again & the new Motivational Mondays ! :)  I now how tough the beginning of the week can be at times so my goal for starting smile blogs is to make you smile! Just once! :)

  What makes you smile? If you have any suggestions for content in future smile blogs feel free to send them my way! I love hearing ideas! Hope you enjoy and remember SMILE! :)

Be sure to check out our website & for the recent updates like our Facebook page


Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.-  Jamie Paolinetti

Bible Verse

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. – Psalm 23:4

Corny Joke

What is a golf club’s favorite type of music?


Funny Video

We all smile in the same language! -George Carlin

Engaged??! :) Now booking 2014 Weddings!!

The holiday season is always a wonderful time to get engaged!!! :) I always love to hear the proposal stories, especially if they are extremely unique! We are now booking 2014 weddings and we would love to hear from you if you just got engaged! We would love to sit down, grab something to eat, and hear all the details about how he proposed!! Feel free to email us at

or contact us via our website at

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Since we are talking about getting engaged we wanted to share with you a few  engagement ring photos we have taken!! Enjoy!

Corrina and Bran-0022Richard and Kayl-0063 Megan and David-0021 photo-322




A few Behind the Scenes :)

This past year has been exciting and challenging at the same time! Starting our business has been a great adventure so far and I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us! So, we wanted to share a few photos from the start of our business until now!  We hope you have a Happy New Year and enjoy the photos!!

Behind the Scenes on Photo Shoots

Chad helping me to get a creative shot! :)


Stella was more interested in my water bottle! haha


Dress caught in the vine…and Chad doesn’t have a head!  Also, be sure to always get detail shots before anything else! haha


Chad working his magic at a wedding!


We love shooting weddings!!! :) Gotta stop and cheese for the camera every once in a while!


Shoot sideways in order to get that EPIC KILLER SHOT! Best shooting pose ever! *sarcastic* I didn’t even realize I did this!


Some more behind the scenes 2013!

2013-12-26_0025 2013-12-26_0024 2013-12-26_0023 2013-12-26_0022 2013-12-26_0021 2013-12-26_0019 2013-12-26_0018 2013-12-26_0013

After me telling one of my AMAZING funny jokes…ok probably not. haha


If looks could kill :)


Having fun!! :)

2013-12-26_0037 2013-12-26_0034 2013-12-26_0027 2013-12-26_0017 2013-12-26_0016 2013-12-26_0015 2013-12-26_0014

2013-12-31_00012013-12-26_0005 2013-12-26_0004

The Shady Series: Happy Halloween! :)

Happy Halloween & Hello! My name is Shady (a.k.a Shadyful and Shady Wadey)! I am the king of the house and I have my mommy and daddy wrapped around my paw! I am the luckiest and sweetest black kitty cat in the world! My mommy and daddy love Photography and so you will be seeing me A LOT more from now on. I am BOO-tiful! Have a happy Halloween!


Our version of the Newlywed Game

Welcome to the first installment of the Newlywed Game (our version!). Oh the moments of being a newlywed. Chad and I have been married for 16 months now (married on June 2, 2012) and it has been wonderful, interesting, difficult and memorable. Every month we will be having an installment of the Newlywed Game and we will post one thing we have realized about one another and then we will do a battle of the sexes and post our favorite photos from a wedding/shoot! :) THIS SHOULD BE FUN! I can’t wait!

I will go first…

Amanda – What I have learned about Chad:

One thing I have realized over these past months is that Chad takes F.O.R.E.V.E.R to do the dishes. What would normally take me 10 minutes takes him an hour. SO OCD…but at least the dishes are REALLY clean when he does them. I still love him though! :)

Chad – What I have learned about Amanda:

She does household chores in kamikaze mode!  How are towels folded at warp speed supposed to live up to my OCD standards?!

Battle of the Sexes:

Since we just had a beautiful styled shoot we will pull some images from that shoot! So which one is YOUR favorite? :) Let’s see who wins…me or Chad..

Amanda’s Favorite


Chad’s Favorite


Just comment below with your favorite and put Amanda’s favorite or Chad’s favorite! :)

Our mini vacation! :)

So as you have probably already seen we recently had a coaching session with Katelyn James in Richmond, VA! :) It was such a wonderful experience! To see the post, you can go here:

Since it had been so long since we had any free time, had gone on a date, or had been on a vacation we decided (last minute) to make the most of our trip and make a little mini vacation out of it. I am so glad that we did because we had an amazing time! We had no idea where to go first, but my grandmother had always talked about Colonial Williamsburg so that was the first place we decided to check out. We arrived to Williamsburg and found this cute little location first! We had to check it out and of course have fun posing and taking some photos!


2013-10-04_01552013-10-04_0151 2013-10-04_0150 2013-10-04_0149 2013-10-04_0147

After spending some time there and believe me it was so hard to leave because the lighting at that location was so beautiful! ANYONE who would be interested in having some photos taken there next time we visit??? We are so up for it! Williamsburg is so beautiful! We walked around, looked at the old buildings, took some photos and visited a little shop to pick up some souvenirs. We always try to pick something up from wherever we go. A favorite of mine to find is Christmas ornaments from different locations! :)

2013-10-04_0145 2013-10-04_0144 2013-10-04_0143 2013-10-04_0142 2013-10-04_0139 2013-10-04_0140 2013-10-04_0141 2013-10-04_01382013-10-04_0136 2013-10-04_0146

We were not ready to leave and we wanted to visit one more place before leaving to go home so we decided we wanted to see the beach. We drove around for a little while and got lost. In fact, we almost went into Fort Eustis. That was interesting, however after driving around and getting lost two/three times I got my handy dandy Iphone out and googled a location with a secluded beach. It brought up Grandview Nature Preserve in Hampton and some directions so that’s where we had our heart set on. The directions ended up being wrong but somehow we ended up finding this place. Finding this beach was such a blessing! Absolutely gorgeous! It felt so good to feel the sand between my toes. It had been so long since I had the opportunity to do that. We had a blast just taking it all in, taking photos, running on the beach, and watching the sun set! I have never seen a sunset so beautiful and vibrant!

2013-10-04_0106 2013-10-04_0107 2013-10-04_01082013-10-04_0110 2013-10-04_0111 2013-10-04_0112 2013-10-04_0113 2013-10-04_0114 2013-10-04_0115 2013-10-04_0116 2013-10-04_0117 2013-10-04_0118 2013-10-04_0119

2013-10-11_0039 2013-10-11_0040 2013-10-11_0041 2013-10-11_0042 2013-10-04_01202013-10-04_01232013-10-04_0125 2013-10-04_0126 2013-10-04_0127 2013-10-04_0128

We also got a greeting from this little guy!! isn’t he the cutest?


As I mentioned before the sunset was so vibrant! This is the first time I have ever seen something that beautiful!

2013-10-04_0133 2013-10-04_0132 2013-10-04_0131 2013-10-04_0130 2013-10-04_0129

We left Richmond around 10pm that night after having dinner with a friend and ended up arriving back home around 5am. We were so exhausted but I wouldn’t do anything different or trade it for anything! I’ll always remember this trip for many reasons and I can’t wait to go back! Check out the blog about our dreams. I mentioned a lot of things I would love to do for our business and it includes Williamsburg and this beach! :)


Bellamanda Photography

Our dreams…

When first starting my business I wasn’t sure how much to open up to the public. It was kind of a scary thought. For a while I have had doubts about myself, not necessarily about Chad and I as a team. I always beat myself up and fear failure. As I have said before when you fear doing something (especially when it could be beneficial) you should hold on tight and just do it. During our mentoring session with Katelyn James she mentioned that we should announce our dreams publicly. She brought up that we need to talk about our dreams even if they are crazy ones because if you just keep them private you are losing out on opportunities to make your dreams come true.

So, I am ready to get over my fear and announce these wild and crazy dreams…..

1. We want to shoot weddings/engagements/bridals..basically anything to do with a wedding day! We are currently rebranding our business to specialize in this area and I really want to succeed!

2. One day I (Amanda) want to teach! Ever since high school I have always enjoyed teaching others so one day I want to be able to pay forward what other photographers (such as Evan Sturgill , Katelyn James, and Kaitlin Hebert) have taught us. Us doing mentoring sessions would be amazing but we have a long way to go!

3. To pay off all of our debt. To be debt free would give us both such an amazing feeling and give us so many more opportunities to grow our business. We would also love to add on to our current home or be able to afford a home with more room! I totally love our cozy little home but we are busting the seams already!

4. We would love to be able to shoot destination weddings! We both love to travel and whether it be in the US or not in the US we would be thrilled! Dream locations are Colorado (favorite place), Arizona (Sedona is beautiful), Hawaii, California (oh Yosemite and the mighty Sequoias), Martha’s Vineyard (for the nautical love in my soul and one of my favorite things are LIGHTHOUSES – what a beautiful backdrop that would be) , Ireland, Switzerland, and Italy..(oh Venice!). It would also give me the opportunity to overcome my fear of flying! haha Any takers??! :)

5. To go sailing! :) I love the water and have always wanted to do this!

6. To go to a Katelyn James Coaching Reunion, United and P31! If we get the opportunity to make it to the Coaching Reunion we would love to meet up with some photographers in the area or schedule some sessions maybe at Williamsburg or the Grand View Preserve! That would be amazing! I have always wanted to go to P31 and we would love to make it to United. Hoping to get the chance soon.

7. To shoot a proposal! :) Planning a special proposal!?! Anyone proposing during the upcoming holidays?? We would love to capture it!!